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About Me:

I am a versatile creative technology leader with over a decade of experience, leading teams in digital effects, animation, and technical advancements. I am driven by innovation, strategic thinking, and a passion for the intersection of creativity and technology.

My artistic and technical contributions can be seen in over forty (40) blockbuster feature films and television shows, including: Pirates of the Caribbean​, Deadpool, Game of Thrones, Maleficent, King Kong, I am Legend, Xmen, Hellboy, and Star Wars.


Academy Award Contributions:

(2011) Officially listed as a contributor on Dr. Mark Sagar’s Scientific and Technical Award submission for facial motion capture. 
I developed tools and workflows contributing to Dr. Sagar & Weta FX's first Academy Award winning facial motion capture expression-based, editable character animation system.

(2017)  Officially listed as a contributor on Dr. Nicholas Apostoloff’s Scientific and Technical Award submission for facial motion capture.  I supervised the digital face development at Imagemovers Digital,  contributing to Dr. Apostoloff’s Academy Award winning design and development of an animation rig-based facial performance-capture system.




- Published four(4) ACM Siggraph presenter/contributor. 

- Three( 3) time Maya Master Class course presenter.
- Published Autodesk Computer Graphics Training Author.
- Speaker at The World Animation Summit. 
- Closing Keynote Speaker at Effects MTL. 
- Featured Session speaker at ACM SIGGRAPH Asia.

-  SFWoE Top Ten List - Short Story Writing


Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot, Maya, Katana, Nuke, Vray, Renderman, Mental Ray, Mari, Mudbox, Shotgun, Jira, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, & Corel Painter.


Programming Languages:

python, c#, & c++


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